PSI Waste Equipment Services, Inc.
Buys, sells, installs, repairs, and refurbishes commercial and industrial trash compactors and cardboard balers.  We also sell parts and modification kits for all makes and models of compactors and balers.
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PSI Waste Is Family Owned And Operated
Kevin and Diane Long started PSI Waste Equipment Services, Inc. in May of 2002.   PSI Waste, located in Central Florida,  is wholly owned and operated by Kevin and Diane.  For more information about our services please email us or just keep surfing our site!

A Little About Us

PSI Waste is a family business.  Kevin and Diane have two children, Ian and Hayden.  Kevin and Diane both grew up in Central Florida and enjoy being around family and friends.

Kevin started working in the waste business in 1989.  He worked at Hesco Sales, a local waste equipment manufacturer, as a lathe operator making base plates for hydraulic cylinders used in garbage compactors.  Kevin worked his way up learning to design, build and repair cylinders, compactors, and other waste equipment. 

During his career Kevin has studied hydraulics, electrical control, power, recycling and other relevant subjects including business and human relations.  Kevin is a certified Hydraulic Specialist.

In 2002 Kevin and Diane started PSI Waste.  PSI Waste is located in Central Florida near Orlando.  PSI Waste repairs and refurbishes trash compactors and balers.  Our Versa-Pak system was designed by Kevin to convert older power units to universal power units that can power virtually any stationary or self-contained compactor.  PSI Waste also builds power units, cart dumpers, and other special equipment.
PSI Waste Helps Florida Recycle Its Valuable Resources

PSI Waste is committed to protecting our environment.  We work hard on the 3R's- Reduce, Reuse, Recycle.

We Reduce- We use quality products that last longer and are often times American Made.  We use Amsoil products in all of our trucks.  Amsoil lasts many miles, extends the life of components and is American Made.  We reduce the usage of light bulbs and electricity by using florescent lights, and our outdoor lights are photocell controlled. We use GREEN products whenever possible including 100% recycled paper products and environmentally safe cleaning products.  We also ship in reused boxes and packing.

We Reuse- we reuse our wash water, refurbish motors, power units, cylinders and compactors.

We Recycle- we recycle steel, aluminum, copper wire, and oil.